Snowy River Ramble


March 2008

Zebra leads the convoy across McKillops Bridge

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Easter provided us with a 4 day break to revisit the East Gippsland 4WD tracks. Our journey started in the country village of Bruthen (some 30kms NE of Bairnsdale).


After passing through the lovely picturesque town of Buchan, we finally hit the 4WD tracks as we turned onto the Jacksons Crossing track. This track takes you down to the Snowy River. It is one of the few places you can actually drive across the river, provided you know the correct line to take.


Our journey continued up the 2WD Yalmy Road to the lovely bush camp setting at Warratah Flats. From here it was a short 4WD trip to turn onto the Deddick Trail. This trail follows the Snowy River all the way up to MacKillops Bridge and gives drivers great aerial views of the bridge.

After taking in the views of the Lt River Gorge, we headed further north along the Snowy River Road, right up to the Victoria/NSW border.

About 10kms from the border, we turned onto the Ingeegoodbee Track. Panoramic views can be seen from the high points all the way along this track. After lunching along side the lovely Ingeegoodbee River, we continued across Macfarlane Flat before heading SW along the Cobberas Trail. Great 4WDing & views of Mr Cobberas makes this an enjoyable fun experience.

After visiting the 'playgrounds' up at 1,400M at the base of Mt Cobberas, we finally exited the 4WD tracks at Native Dog Flat and made our long journey home.