Sands of the Little Desert

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01-Views of Lt Desert from Mitre Rock

02-Laurie, Wayne & Dick check out the views from Mitre Rock

03-Convoy descends from Mitre Rock

04-Convoy enters the Lt Desert

05-Convoy at Broughton's Water Hole

06-Clairbern takes in the Little Desert views

07-OzyJack enjoys the sunny Lt Desert weather

08-Phylway widens the track for our convoy!

09-Breakdown to OzyJack in the Lt Desert

10-OzyJack wires up his 4WD before limping out to Kiata

11-Big John enjoys the sand dunes of the Lt Desert

12-John shows his chainsawing skills to the crowd

13-Convoy relaxes around the campfire at Red Gum Swamp campground

14-Zebra & Moredust take to the Lt Desert sand dunes

15-Convoy at Salt Lake

16-Hugh, Dick & Heidi explore Salt Lake

17-Lt Desert vegetation

18-Morning Tea at Water Point 5

19-Moredust takes on the Sands of the Lt Desert

20-Zebra leads the Lt Desert convoy

21-Laurie Y & Robyne check their tyres

22-Convoy checks out Dahlenburg's Mill

23-Vegetation at Dahlenburg's Milll

24-Laurie does a dance at the Mill

25-Convoy takes a break in the Lt Desert

26-Views from Lt Desert to Mt Arapilies at sunset

27-Bernie & Claire check their tyre pressures

28-Interesting weather over Dahlenburg's Track

29-Phylway & Big John take on the sands in the Wail State Forest

30-John & Graeme discuss air pressures at Wail

31-Panoramic shot of our stop at the water hole

32-Good bye from the Sands of the Lt Desert