Sands of the Little Desert


Our trip started from the dry lake bed of the Natimuk Caravan Park. After a strenuous walk up to the top of Mitre Rock, we drove up to the Mt Arapiles summit to take in the views of the Little Desert National Park.

Our journey into the Lt Desert commenced in the central zone at Broughton's Water Hole. Lunch was taken here before heading east to our overnight camp at Red Gums Swamp.

After experiencing an overnight temperature of zero degrees, we jumped in to our heated 4WDs to explore the eastern zone. Whilst taking a break at the Salt Lake, OzyJack suffered a mechanical problem. After the bush mechanics assessed the situation, OzyJack limped back with the convoy to Kiata to call on the services of RACV Roadside Assist. They agreed that his vehicle was safe to drive, but would need some mechanical repairs before heading offroad again.

The convoy rejoined the tracks after an extended lunch and enjoyed some more playing around in the moist sandy tracks & dunes.

After another zero degree night at Red Gums Swamp, we headed east through the park beofre exiting out through the Wail State Forest. The tracks in the State Forest are very sandy and gave the convoy heaps of fun driving at 60kph along some wide sandy tracks. Big John tells me he hit 75kph before exiting the forest!

It was a interesting trip with good people and great Aussie countryside.

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