Trouble on Tingaringy


With much of the high country closed because of severe storms during the 2005 winter seasonal closure, we ventured down to East Gippsland.

Reports from the local Ranger at Bendoc, advised that ALL tracks were open in the Tingaringy area of the Alpine NP. Under cloudy skies, our convoy headed to see the rainforests of the Errinundra Plateau.

The Tingaringy Track was next. After a steep rise from the Bonang river, we suddenly found out what ‘all tracks are open’ meant. Yes, the gate was open, but no track maintenance had been done since the seasonal gate closure. With light rain falling, Heidi led the way with the guys following along to clear over 6 kms of fallen trees & branches.

With the persistent falling rain, we decided it was time to retreat back down slippery mountainous terrain after 4 hours of track clearing work. .

With rain still falling, we erected our large tarp. Everyone cuddled up close while their sumptuous BBQ dinners cooked over the campfire.

With continual rain, the decision was made to head home the following morning. Raindrops were soon reappearing as we headed up to the Lt River Gorge viewing platform. The cloud in the gorge created some mystical views right down to a rapidly running river. Lunch was taken at the Lt River falls before the heading home for the long wet drive to Melbourne.

We all look forward to revisiting this great part of Victoria’s high country and take in the fantastic views from Mt Tingaringy.


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