Trouble on Tingaringy

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01-Where did we go

02-Heidi takes in the Errinundra rainforest

03-Chips proudly shows off his converted 80 series with Trayon

04-Laurie in the Erinnundra rain forest

05-Bradley & Laurway enjoy the 4WD experience

06-Colleen & Rodney take a break on the Bonang River

07-George & the kids take a break on the Bonang

08-Iceman climbs Tingaringy Track

09-Hoppy on Tingaringy Track

10-Big John easily climbs Tingaringy Track

11-Convoy waiting for the track to be cleared ahead

12-Chips brings the Trayon up the steep climb

13-Heidi fires up the chainsaw for some track maintenance

14-Colleen organises the kids for some track clearance

15-Duncan watches & learns the right method for track clearance

16-Colleen, George, Andrew, John & Heidi look at their hard work

17-Our convoy heads down through the cleared track ahead

18-Another section cleared in the rain

19-Heidi & Ron tackle the big stuff with smoke blazing

20-Zooming in on the hard workers

21-Recently restored Suspension Bridge on Ambyne Track

22-Heidi takes in the views at the Lt River falls

23-Info on the Lt River Gorge-the 600M drop is awesome

24-Lt River Falls