Up 2011-06-The Kimberleys-Part 5 Slideshow

The Gibb River Road

01-Laurie enjoys Lennard Falls
02-Heidi goes MTBing at Annie's Gorge at Mt Hart
03-Some planker at Bell Gorge
04-Fantastic Bell Gorge falls
05-View of Bell Gorge from the falls
06-Bell Gorge looking back to the falls
07-Lace Monitor basks in the sun at Bell Gorge
08-Lunchtime at Bell Gorge
09-Elsa & Heidi walk through Bell Gorge
10-Panoramic views of Dimond Gorge at Mornington Wildlife Sanctuary
11-Heidi MTBs out of Dimond Gorge
12-That's one way to cross the Adcock river (near Mornington)
13-Adcock Gorge
14-Laurie climbs up to the Adcock falls
15-Heidi takes a dip at Manning Gorge
16-The lovely Manning Gorge falls
17-Crossing the Gibb River to Mitchell Falls
18-Morning Tea at Gibb River
19-Heidi & Elsa walk out to Little Merton falls
20-Seen on the way to Mitchell Falls
21-Big Merton Gorge (en route to Mitchell Falls)
22-Getting ready to walk across the Mitchell River to view the falls
23-Mitchell Falls - top tier
24-Heidi enjoys lunch at Mitchell Falls
25-Heidi watches the 2nd tier of the Mitchell Falls
26-Mitchell Falls (all 4 tiers)
27-Laurie takes in the Mitchell Falls
28-Indigenous paintings below Lt Merton falls
29-Heidi enjoys the views from Lt Merton falls
30-Great views at Surveyors Pool
31-Heidi & Elsa enjoy Surveyors Pool
32-Re-crossing the Gibb River
33-Time to cross the Durack River on the Gibb River Road
34-This is one way to travel the Gibb River Road
35-Crossing the Penecost River to finish the Gibb River Road
36-Farewell from the Kimberleys

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