Up 2011-06-Lake Argyle - Geikie Gorge - Tunnel Creek - Windjana Gorge Slideshow

Lake Argyle - Geikie Gorge - Tunnel Creek - Windjana Gorge

01-Heidi & Elsa enjoy the views of Ord River at Lake Argyle
02-Great views of the Ord River (Lake Argyle) dam wall
03-Lake Argyle views from our boat cruise
04-A fresh water croc takes a snooze
05-Laurie talks to Graham, our Lake Argyle tour guide
06-Sunset over Lake Argyle
07-Crossing the Negri River on the WA-NT border
08-Wildlife on the Duncan Highway
09-Crossing the Old Ord River
10-Heidi swings the axe at Marella Gorge
11-Wedge Tail Eagle takes a rest on a termites nest on the Duncan Hwy
12-Morning Tea at Sawpit Gorge
13-Heidi enjoys the views at Sawpit Gorge
14-Heidi looks out across Palm Springs
15-Views of Geikie Gorge
16-Freshwater croc basks in Geikie Gorge
17-Geikie Gorge boat trip
18-Boab Gorge - another great gorge
19-Elsa at Tunnel Creek
20-Heidi starts the walk through Tunnel Creek
21-Tunnel Creek - half way through
22-Tunnel Creek views 'on the other side'
23-Laurie starts the walk back through Tunnel Creek
24-Views from the entrance of Windjana Gorge
25-A Windjana Gorge croc
26-Peaceful creatures
27-Windjana Gorge at sunrise
28-Goodbye from Windjana!

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