Up 2011-06-Tanami Road - Bungle Bungles Slideshow

Tanami Road - Bungle Bungles

01-Starting the Tanami Road
02-Tanami Road corrugations
03-Heidi enjoys morning tea on the Tanami
04-Wedged Tail Eagle rests in a tree on the Tanami
05-Crossing the NT-WA Border
06-Laurie power walks along the top of Wolfe Creek Crater
07-Laurie enjoys the walk down into Wolfe Creek Crater
08-Entering the Bungle Bungles
09-Morning Tea at Fletcher Creek - near Ord River
10-Bungle Bungle views
11-Elsa en route to Cathedral Gorge
12-Heidi power walks to Cathedral Gorge
13-More exciting Bungle views
14-Heidi heads to Cathedral Gorge
15-Heidi arrives at Cathedral Gorge
16-Cathedral Gorge
17-Cathedral Gorge entrance
18-Heidi enjoys more of the Bungles
19-Amazing Bungle rocks
20-Heidi takes in the views from the Piccaninny Creek outlook
21-More views from Piccaninny Creek lookout
22-More of the Bungles
23-Entering Echidna Chasm
24-Heidi takes a rest in Echidna Chasm
25-A Bungle Bungle Bee pollinating the flowers
26-A friendly kookaburra at Walardi Camp in the Bungles
27-Heidi takes in the views MTBing out of the Bungles
28-Heidi MTBs out of the Bungle Bungles

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