Up 2008-04-Vic SA Border Track

01-CAT & Zebra explore Wyperfeld
02-Rhino & Smurf drive through Wyperfeld NP
03-DJ takes on a Wyperfeld sand dune
04-Rhino enjoys Wyperfeld
05-Manky tackles the dune in their 80 Series
06-Rhino finds the dune a breeze
07-Whitey digs in at Ross Springs dune
08-Manky powers up the dune
09-DJ muscles his way up the Wyperfeld dune
10-Zebra powers up the Ross Springs dune
11-Whitey pushes his 100 Series up the dune at Ross Springs
12-Graeme & Sasha play games with the Paddy Melons
13-Big Desert flora at Cactus Bore
14-Tom & Lachlan go to war with Paddy Melons at Cactus Bore
15-Ouch, a new tyre gets staked on the Border Track
16-All hands on deck to fix a staked tyre
17-Air bag is ready to lift Whitey's 4WD for the tyre change!
18-DJ breezes up the dune
19-Convoy tackles a Border Track dune
20-Convoy takes in the views at Hensley Trig lookout on the Border Track
21-DJ watches how Zebra drive the dune next to the rusty border fence
22-An alternative way to do the Border Track
23-Alison watches Zebra take on the dunes
24-DJ digs in on the crest of a soft Border Track dune
25-Some of the convoy tackle Milmed Rock
26-Japanese exchange student (Hiroaki) signs the visitors book at Milmed Rock
27-The CAT creates a sand storm
28-Just a little more sand removal and I will have my baby out!
29-The CAT flies up a dune
30-Zebra & the CAT wind through the Big Desert
31-Spectacular convoy views along Red Bluff Track
32-Convoy airs up after leaving the Border Track

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