Up 2008-02-Mystical Haunted Stream

01-Laurie opens the gate to head down to the Haunted Stream
02-Poyda crosses the Haunted Stream
03-Poyda & Gerry Gee take on the Haunted Stream
04-Poyda gets his wheels wet in the Haunted Stream
05-Bad news as Haunted Stream Track has a Temporary Closure sign near Dogtown
06-Convoy takes a tea break at McDonalds Hut
07-Camms heads down Stock Route Spur Track
08-Compass Rose enjoys the steep descent of Stock Route Spur Track
09-Gopher splashes his way across the Dargo River
10-Zebra crosses the Wenworth River on the way to Camms Top Place
11-Manky blazes through the muddy Wentworth River
12-Poyda loves the muddy Wenworth River
13-Poyda heads to Camms Top Place
14-Heidi shows Richard how to cook dinner in the rain
15-Camms negotiates a way across Danes Creek
16-Heidi takes Zebra across a large log in Danes Creek
17-Compass Rose creates waves in Danes Creek
18-Gopher enjoys the Danes Creek crossing
19-Gerry in Gerry Gee admires Harrisons Cutting on the Dargo River
20-Convoy takes a happy snap on the Dargo River at end of trip

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