Wyperfeld 2006

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01-Morning Tea on Lake Albacutya

02-Views of the dry Lake Albacutya

03-Archbold's grave

04-Taking in the views from the Wyperfeld Eastern lookout

05-Joy & Sue discuss the park with Laurie

06-Dry bed of Lake Albacutya

07-Camping on the edge of Lake Albacutya

08-Wyperfeld feral dogs hung out to dry

09-Gumnut climbs a Wyperfeld sand dune

10-Convoy takes a break in Big Desert State Forest

11-Views of Big Dune in Big Desert State Forest

12-Views of the sandy Big Desert

13-Morning Tea at the Big Dune

14-Gumgut plays on the dunes at White Springs

15-Campsite at Red Gums in the Big Desert

16-Pat & Wendy check out the Hensley trig point

17-John, Joy & Heidi watch Sue climb the Hensley lookout

18-The Vic-SA Border Track

19-Bundy climbs a border track dune

20-Zebra waits for Moneyeater to clear the boghole on the Border Track

21-Laurway watches Moneyeater go thru the boghole

22-Campfire on Lake Albacutya

23-Convoy enjoys the views from Milmed Rock

24-Sue repairs a puncture at Brushcutters Flat

25-Moneyeater takes on the dunes at White Springs

26-Convoy takes an afternoon tea break at Cactus Bore

27-Sunrise at Red Gums

28-Big John takes on the Border Track dunes