2015-09 Outback Queesland

2015-09 Outback Queesland
01-Visiting Bladensburg NP 02-Laurie checks out Scrammy rock hole in Bladensberg NP 03-Camping at Bough Shed Hole camp Ground in Bladensburg NP 04-Laurie checks our Bough Shed water hole
05-Sunset in Bladensburg NP 06-Views from Lark Quarry 07-Heidi heads into Lark Quarry 08-Heidi talks to Ranger Alex at Lark Quarry
09-Dinosaur foot prints at Lark Quarry 10-Close up of Dinosaur foot prints 11-Close up of very large Dinosaur foot print 12-Ranger Alex shows us some very small Dinosaur foot prints
13-Arriving in Diamantina NP 14-Fascinating Jump Up in Diamantina NP 15-Heidi flies her Quadcopter in Diamantina NP 16-Setting up camp at Hunters Gorge Campground in Diamantina NP
17-Heidi cleans the dust off at Hunters Gorge Campground 18-Flycatcher takes a rest on our roof rack 19-Great views at Hunters Gorge Campground 20-Arriving in Boulia crossing the Burke River
21-Peak hour in Boulia 22-Heidi fills up in Boulia 23-Campfire in Outback QLD 24-Sunset in Outback QLD