2015-09 Innaminka and Coongie Lake

2015-09 Innaminka and Coongie Lake with pics of Burke and Wills memorials
01-Heading across Walkers Crossing to Innaminka 02-Crossing Cooper Creek at Walkers Crossing 03-Lunch in Cooper Creek at Walkers Crossing 04-Bearded Dragon along Walkers Crossing
05-Arriving in Innaminka 06-Wills (Burke and Wills) marker on Cooper Creek. 07-Waterhole at Wills marker 08-Pelicans at Minkie Waterhole
09-Sunset at Minkie Waterhole 10-Details of John king's blaze - only survivor from Burke and Wills trip in 1861 11-Marker for John King 12-Ski Beach on Cooper Creek
13-Taking a break at Policemans campground on Cooper Creek 14-Informtion board about Burke on Cooper Creek - where he died 15-Burke Marker on Cooper Creek 16-Dig Tree on Cooper creek
17-Blaze on the Dig Tree 18-Working windmill at Scrubby Camp on way to Coongie Lake 19-Arriving at Kudriemitchie Outstation 20-Heidi checks out the old meat house at Kudriemitchie Outstation
21-Camping at Coongie Lake 22-Pelicans at Coongie Lake 23-Brolgas at Coongie Lake 24-Dingo at Coongie Lake
25-Emus at Coongie Lake 26-Video of Emus at Coongie Lakes 27-Airing up at Coongie Lake 28-Sunset over Coongie Lake