2015-09 Hay River Adventure

2015-09 Hay River Adventure
01-Fuelling up in Jervois at start of Hay River trip 02-Interesting birds near Jervois 03-Arriving at the turnoff for the Hay River 04-Entering Batton Hill at the start of the Hay River trip
05-Views upon entering Batton Hill 06-Camping 20kms south of Batton Hill on Hay River 07-Views of the Hay River 08-More Hay River views
09-Heidi starts her walk to Mt Winnecke 10-Crossing the Tropic of Capricorn 11-Heidi hunts for Blazed Tree Marker 12-Laurie locates the Blazed Tree on the Tropic of Capricorn
13-Andrew Harper's marker on tree 14-Heidi checks out Dingo Well 15-Informtion about Dingo Well 16-Arriving at Lake Caroline
17-Views of Lake Caroline 18-Crossing Hay River at Lake Caroline turnoff 19-Heidi prepares for Camp Oven roast Lamb 20-Passing through Madigans camp 15 on the Hay River
21-Heidi checks out the blazed tree at Madigans Camp 16 22-Sign at Madigans Camp 16 23-Heidi climbs a sand dune 24-Heidi makes it to the top of the sand dune
25-Wild flowers in bloom on the Hay River dunes 26-Laurie takes in the views from the top of a sand dune 27-Video of Heidi climbing to the top of the dune 28-Interesting foot prints on a sand dune
29-Heidi airs down for soft dune on Hay River track 30-Video of crossing Dune on Shotline 31-Arriving at end of HayRiver Track at Beachcomers Well 32-Farewell from the Hay river