2015-08-Atherton Tablelands

2015-08-Atherton Tablelands
01-Falls at Mt Hypipamee NP 02-Little Millstream Falls 03-Heidi flies her Quadcopter at Koombooloomba Dam 04-Quadcopter views of Koombooloomba Dam
05-Millstream Falls from viewing platform 06-Millstream Falls from Quadcopter 07-Quadcopter takes pic above Millstream Falls 08-Crossing Herbert River on route to Blencoe Falls
09-Heidi gets ready to fly at Blencoe Falls 10-Quadcopter takes off to record at Blencoe Falls 11-Blencoe Falls from viewing area 12-Blencoe Falls from Quadcopter
13-Views of Blencoe Creek looking towards Herbert River 14-Heidi enjoys the views at Wallaman Falls 15-Wallaman Falls - over 200 metre drop 16-Diamond Python greets us at Wallaman Falls
17-Video of 2 Metre Diamond Python Snake at Wallaman Falls 18-Laurie at Birthday Falls 19-Heidi at Birthday Falls 20-Camping at Big 4 in Townsville
21-Taking in the scenic Townsville Views 22-Heidi whips up some Bacon and Eggs for breakfast 23-Quadcopter views of Porcupine Gorge 24-Video of Hypipamee and Little Millstream Falls