Up 2012-08-Rudall River National Park Slideshow

01-Start of the Talawana Track into Rudall River NP
02-Heidi climbs the ladder to obtain some fresh water
03-Laurie finishes off the water collection
04-Laurie reads the Len Beadell markers
05-Len Beadell marker at the start of the Talawana Track
06-Another wild camel in Rudall NP
07-Plaque at the crossing of the dry Rudall River
08-Watrarra Pool in Rudall River NP
09-Our camp at Watrarra Pool
10-Heidi struggles with the sandy conditions in Rudall River NP
11-Great scenery heading down to Desert Queen Baths
12-Zebra takes a break in Rudall River NP
13-Zebra & Lefty go firewood hunting
14-Heading down to Desert Queen Baths
15-The refreshing Desert Queen Baths in Rudall River NP
16-Heidi takes a dip in Desert Queen Baths
17-Campsite at Desert Queen Baths
18-Early morning walk alongside Desert Queen Baths
19-More views in the early morning at Desert Queen Baths
20-Goodbye from Rudall River NP

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