Up 2012-08-Karijini National Park Slideshow

Exploring the wonders of Karijini NP (Hammersley Range)

01-Karijini - here we come!
02-Heidi walks into Joffre Falls
03-Joffre Falls from the lookout
04-Heidi climbs down to the bottom of Joffre Falls
05-Joffre Gorge
06-Heidi walks into Weano Gorge
07-Views of Knox Gorge
08-Interesting viewing platform high above Knox Gorge-Why are there gates at the viewing edge!
09-Laurie heads down into Hancock Gorge
10-Great views in Hancock Gorge
11-Heidi rock climbs along Hancock Gorge towards the Ampitheatre
12-Heidi takes a dip along the rock climb to the Ampitheatre
13-Laurie makes it into the Ampitheatre (without getting wet)
14-Laurie listens to his voice echoing around the amitheatre
15-Magical moments for Laurie, soaking up the atmosphere in the Ampitheatre
16-Heidi clambers down the Spider Walk in Hancock Gorge
17-Laurie makes it thru the Spider Walk
18-Heidi absorbs the beauty at Kermits Pool
19-The end of the walk in Hancock Gorge at Kermits Pool
20-Refreshing water at Circular Falls in Dales Gorge
21-Fortescue Falls in Dales Gorge
22-Heidi enjoys the views at Fortescue Falls
23-Time for a refreshing swim in Dales Gorge at Fern Pool
24-Laurie says goodbye to Karijini at Dales Gorge

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