Up 2012-04-VicSA Border Track Slideshow

Vic / SA Border Track

01-Morning Tea at Lake Albacutya
02-Convoy heads along Milmed rock Track
03-Taking on the sand dunes in Wyperfeld NP
04-Happy hour at Milmed Swamp camp
05-Relaxing around the campfire at Milmed Swamp
06-Signing the Visitors Book at Milmed Rock
07-Convoy at Milmed Rock
08-'Oh what a feeling' at Milmed Rock
09-Laurie signs the Visitors Book as the rest wait for a photo shoot
10-Climbing a tricky Wyperfeld dune
11-Spinning wheels up the dune
12-A snatch is needed after missing the top of the dune
13-This right hand bend on the sand dune is a breeze
14-Bouncing around a 90 degree bend with wheels spinning
15-The Troopy's makes it up the dune nice & easily
16-Taking the wrong line up Ross Springs dune
17-The rest of the convoy watch the next 4WD climb up the steep dune
18-Watching the convoy climb Ross Springs dune
19-Re-adjustments to the fallen down 'Disputed Country' sign
20-Start of the Border Track just south of Pinnaroo
21-Heading down the Border Track
22-Another tricky dune on the Border Track
23-Many chicken tracks on this exciting Border Track dune
24-Another way to tackle the Border track
25Great 4WDing along the exciting Border Track
26-Some digging out needed on the final sand dune of the Border Track
27-Laurie gives some advice about recovery at the big dune
28-A snatch is needed after being bogged on the final dune
29-Making it up the final big dune
30-Some interesting bog holes at the bottom of the Border Track
31-Enjoying the bog hole run on the Border Track
32-Our final happy hour at Red Bluff camping ground on the VIC-SA Border Track

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