Up 2012-03-Tantalising Tingaringy Slideshow

Exploring East Gippsland, climbing to the Summit of Mt Tingaringy

01-The Flooded Snowy River at Orbost
02-Convoy airs down for our exciting trip
03-Making easy work of a fallen tree
04-Convoy heads down Piepline Track
05-Zebra slides off Pipeline track
06-Zebra is recovered by electric winch & hand winch
07-Packing up the Tirfor after recovering Zebra
08-Climbing the slippery Piepline Track
09-A snatch is needed out of a boggy creek crossing
10-Another snatch on a greasy Pipeline track
11-Plenty of snatch straps needed on this slippery hill
12-Convoy heads for Brodribb River
13-Parks Vic Ranger clears the Tingaringy Track
14-Ranger clears another fallen tree on the Tingaringy Track
15-Convoy helps the Ranger to move a fallen tree off the Tingaringy Track
16-Convoy takes in the views from Mt Tingaringy
17-A High Country friend does some sun basking
18 Deddick River camp
19-Convoy crosses McKillops Bridge
20-Taking in the views from McKillops Bridge
21-Convoy Shoot on McKillops!
22-The spectacular Little River Gorge
23-Inspiring views from the lookout of the Little River Gorge
24-Convoy at Little River Falls

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