Up 2012-02-Mt Cole - magic Slideshow

Exploring the Mt Cole area, west of Melbourne

01-Convoy sets up camp at Ditchfields campground
02-Convoy takes morning tea at Mt Cole Reservoir
03-Great views at Mt Cole Reservoir
04-Good 4WDing at Mt Cole
05-Heidi gets to work to remove the tree
06-Some good helpers remove some loose branches
07-Many hands makes light work
08-The track is finally cleared
09-Some wood for tonight's campfire
10-Convoy takes an overgrown back track
11-Easy does it over the undergrowth
12-Morning Tea stop at Victoria Hill
13-Convoy winds its way thru Mt Cole NP
14-Convoy explores more of Mt Cole
15-Lunch up at Ben Nevis lookout
16-Convoy heads to Eversley Sugarloaf
17-Slowly does it, coming down the steep Eversley Sugarloaf
18-An audience to welcome another vehicle down Eversley Sugarloaf
19-Final track out of Mt Cole
20-Going one better with wheels lifted as we leave Mt Cole NP

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