Up 2012-01-SwiftsCreekExplorer Slideshow

Exploring the tracks around Swifts Creek

01-Heidi discusses air pressure with the convoy
02-A fallen tree on the Mt Stawell Track stops our path
03-Heidi to the rescue with the chainsaw
04-Convoy stops for a morning tea break on Commins Track
05-Climbing the steep  Hammond Break
06-Flat tyre near Mt Nugong
07-Convoy at the summit of Mt Nugong
08-Rolling into the Moscow Villas car park
09-Heidi checks out Moscow Villas
10-Plenty of smiling faces inside the lovely Moscow Villas
11-Heidi takes in the views outside Moscow Villas
12-Moscow Villas up at 1,100M
13-Checking out The Washington on the Nunniong Road
14-Studying the history of The Washington
15-Convoy has a chat about the history of The Washington
16-Heidi fires up the chainsaw for some campfire wood
17-Loading some logs for tonight's camp fire
18-Zebra leads the convoy through private property on the Negoura Road
19-Convoy heads along the Negoura Road
20-Preparing lunch on Lees Track
21-Views of Swifts Creek from Lees Track
22-Creating dust after negotiating some bad ruts on Mt Stawell Track
23-Zebra climbs through some deep ruts on Mt Stawell Track
24-Packing up at Swifts Creek camp ground after a great weekend

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