Up 2011-11-AvonRiverAdventure Slideshow

01-Convoy ready to drive the Avon River
02-Zebra leads the convoy across the Avon
03-A steep climb out of the Avon
04-Zebra drives thru a tricky bog
05-More tricky boggy sections to encounter!
06-Convoy watches Zebra find the right line to recross the Avon for our campsite
07-Heidi looks for a good campsite on the Avon River
08-Our Avon River camp site
09-A wet night, but the convoy enjoys an evening under the tarp!
10-A fallen tree on the Ben Cruachan Track halts our trip
11-Convoy watches as the tree is quickly cut away
12-Zebra leads the convoy down to Ben Cruachan Creek
13-Zebra needs a snatch after becoming bogged near the Ben Cruachan Creek
14-Making sure Zebra is recovered successfully from a muddy creek crossing
15-Right down the middle of the Ben Cruachan Creek is the best line to take
16-Great views along Hickey Creek Track
17-Convoy heads to McMillans Lookout
18-Views from McMillans Lookout
19-Convoy lines up at McMillans Lookout
20-Zebra farwells the Avon

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