Up 2011-05-Chris Miles 90th Slideshow

Pictures from Laurie's mother's 90th Birthday

01-The Birthday Girl enjoys her 90th
02-Joan gets the party into full swing
03-Carla & Auntie Val catch up
04-Dale, Keith & Gracie enjoy the big bash
05-Mortimore Street friend Linsday looks after his father Les
06-Joan samples some of Laurie's food
07-Phil, Benn & Katie relax
08-Old nextdoor neighbour Ross McKenzie grabs some food, while Andrew & Jodie talk with Uncle John
09-Heidi catches up with Erica & Bob
10-The party in full swing
11-Benn hams it up for the camera
12-Carla catches up with her cousin Erica
13-Linsday & Ross talk over old times in Mortimore Street
14-Steve relaxes at his Grandma's 90th
15-Erica relaxes with a glass of wine
16-Mum relives her big day with her family & talking with friends in UK, plus a surprise video link with Claes Eric, her Swedish cousin

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