Up 2011-02-Avon River Adventure Slideshow

01-Manky enjoys the Avon River
02-Iceman cools his hubs in the Avon River
03-Convoy sets up camp on the Avon River
04-Heidi sets out on her MTB ride along the Avon River
05-A great camp spot on the Avon River
06-Convoy listens to a briefing on the Avon River
07-Convoy crosses the Avon after leaving our camp site
08-Caterpillar crosses the Ben Cruachan Creek heading for Golden Point
09-Manky takes a rest on the Ben Cruachan Creek
10-Avon wilderness wildlife
11-James's view while 4WDing his Troopy
12-Manky struggles without diff locks climbing to Golden Point
13-Zebra returns from Golden Point
14-Manky attempts to cross the Ben Cruachan Creek
15-Zebra & Michael take different lines on an interesting descent
16-James engages diff locks to check out Golden Point
17-Caterpillar heads for McMillans Lookout
18-Manky heads along the Avon River
19-Spectacular views on Hickey Creek Track
20-A great soccer match on the edge of the Avon Wilderness
21-Some of the convoy take in the views at McMillans Lookout
22-Convoy at McMillans Lookout
23-Convoy starts the descent from McMillans Lookout
24-Zebra gets recovered at the end of our trip

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