Up 2011-Marysville Slideshow

MTBing & 4WDing from Narbethong to Marysville - checking out the slow regeneration from the 2009 bushfires

01-Heidi's MTB ride passes through the fire ravaged Marysville
02-New vegetation on the recently opened road to Steavenson Falls
03-Grasses grow quickly to camouflage the blackened trees
04-Keppel Hut has been rebuilt since the fire
05-Heidi checks out the newly built Keppel Hut
06-Keppel Hut is 10kms to the east of Marsyville - this is the view from outside the hut
07-15kms to the north-east of Marysville sees more lifeless trees
08-New signs have been erected, but the blackened trees remain
09-Some new growth appears on the drive into the Marysville from the east
10-Km after kms of burnt trees
11-The fire has opened up the views of Keppel Falls from the road
12-Very little traffic is seen on the dirt roads around Marysville
13-Downtown Marysville- this is where the main shops used to be
14-Somehow the Bakery across the road survived
15-Steavenson Falls car park has new vegetation where leafy trees once stood
16-Laurie did get to do some 4WDing through some bog holes

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