Up 2011-01-Aberfeldy Adventure Slideshow

01 Convoy wakes up to a foggy Erica Camp
02 Convoy at Cooper Creek
03 Convoy checks out the Cooper Creek Hotel
04-Zebra heads into the Thomson while the rest of the convoy watches on
05-Ganghi enjoys the Thomson
06-Charles enjoys taking his Prado into the Thomson
07-Iceman finds the right line to exit the Thomson River
08-James brings his new Troopy through the Thomson
09-Michael heads into the Thomson River
10-George makes his way to the Cooper Creek mine
11-Some of the convoy check out a disused mine
12 Zebra follows Iceman as they limp along Army Track
13 Convoy waits on Binns Track for broken down Zebra
14 Some of the convoy wake up to a sunny morning at O'Tooles Flat
15-James takes on Trig Track
16 Heading home down Trig Tk

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