Up 2010-11-The Grampians Slideshow

01-1st night out at Waterfall Campsite near Mt Avoca
02-Heidi checks out Mugwamp Hut near Mt Cole
03-Laurie enjoys the Mugwamp Hut surroundings
04-Camping at Ditchfield's Camp near Mt Cole
05-Heidi takes to the tracks near Mt Cole
06-Laurie prepares lunch at Chinamans campground
07-Heidi takes a break from MTBing to see the views at Ben Nevis
08-Laurie at Ben Nevis
09-Heidi at Langi Ghiran Reservoir
10-Laurie in Langi Ghiran
11-Laurie enjoys the views at Langhi Ghiran reservoir
12-Heidi MTBs in the Grampians
13-Laurie enjoys the views on Syphon Road in the Grampians
14-Lizard takes a rest in the bush after nearly being roadkill
15-Heidi MTBs on Matthew Track in the Grampians
16-Laurie checks out Shooters Falls in the Grampians
17-Wildlife at Shooters Campground in the Grampians
18-Laurie enjoys Bee Hive Falls in the Grampians
19-Heidi looks up at Bee Hive Falls in the Grampians
20-MTBing looks fun!
21-Heidi finds Chinamans Track tough going
22-A shy tortoise greets Heidi near Wartook reservoir
23-Aftermath of the 2009 bushfires in the Grampians
24-A fallen tree stops Laurie in our 4WD getting thru but not Heidi
25-Emus takes a leisurely stroll across Phillips Island Track
26-Laurie enjoys a bog hole near Rose Creek in the Grampians
27-Friendly Rosella greets us at Lake Bellfield
28-Another trip is over at the Scenic Grampians

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