Up Easter down the Vic/SA Border Track Slideshow

Vic/SA Border Track - Easter 2010

 - 3 vehicles joined Laurie & Heidi to travel down the historic Border Track.

The trip started from Rainbow, & explored the dry Lake Albacutya, before taking on the sand dunes across Wyperfeld National Park. After some good sand drivig in the Big Desert, the convoy took on the sandy dunes down the Border Track.

01-Airing down in Wyperfeld NP
02-Heidi & Peter start the walk to Milmed Rock
03-Some of the convoy enjoy the views from Milmed Rock
04-Eggs'n gets ready to mount a dune in Wyperfeld
05-Peter checks out a boggy Big Desert track
06-Shane returns from checking out the boggy Big Desert track
07-Eggsn flies through the boggy Big Desert
08-Convoy gets ready to drive up the Ross springs dune
09-Zebra climbs the dune at Ross Springs
10-Manky climbs the Ross Springs dune
11-Karen gets out to take over the controls of Manky at Ross springs
12-Sasha watches Jayden dig a big sandy hole at Red Gums campsite
13-Zebra arrives at the 'Disputed Country' border
14-Shane & Pauline get excited about entering the 'Disputed Country'
15-Zebra crosses the Vic-SA Border to start the Border Track
16-Driving down the Border Track
17-Wayne checks out the views from Hensleys Lookout on the Border Track
18-Convoy takes a  break on the Border Track
19-Karen enjoys a cuppa on the Border Track
20-TLCC members lend a hand to the Nissan club with a flat tyre
21-Manky spins the wheels heading up a dune on the Border Track
22-Wocca gets stuck 1 metre from the top of a big dune
23-Shane & Wayne check out the damage to the camper pack
24-Heidi is intrigued by the state of the U bolt holding down the camper pack
25-Shane finds the old U bolt a little out of shape
26-Heidi gets ready to snatch Wayne off the top of the dune
27-Zebra watches Manky drive down the boggy Border Track
28-Manky enjoys the angles through the Border Track bog

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