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Avon Macalister Rivers Run - Anzac Weekend 2010

 - 6 vehicles joined Laurie & Heidi to travel across the Avon, Macalister & Aberfeldy Rivers.

On a wet Saturday morning , our trip started from Huggetts Lane on the Avon River. Our journey took us up the Avon then along the Ben Cruachan Creek before taking in the views from McMillans Lookout which overlooks the scenic Licola.

After more rain on Saturday night, we took to the slippery tracks on sunday morn by descending the rocky Burgoyne Track with views of the raging Macalister river. The wet slippery Toomstar track was in our midst  on a lovely sunny afternoon.  Due to the slippery rutted Toomstar track, we spent 4 hours recovering all of our vehicles to the top of the slippery hill. A late night to camp (7pm) ensued.

With more lovely sun on Monday morning to fry the tracks, we revisited the well known O'Tooles flat before 4WDing the challenging Flats track. Soon we were crossing the Aberfeldy River & heading for Walhalla & home.
01-JAT follows Rhino up & over Moulin Knob near the Avon River
02-JAT brings the rest of the convoy through Ben Cruachan Creek
03-Convoy takes a break on the Lower Block Track
04-The kids have fun at Ben Cruachan Creek
05-Convoy at Ben Cruachan
06-Lunch on the Ben Cruachan Creek
07-Tezza enjoys the views from Hickeys Creek Track
08-Convoy heads across Hickeys Creek Track
09-Jayden & Sasha take in the views from McMillans Lookout
10-Trip Leader Laurie entertains the kids before leaving Hickey Creek
11-Magical views of the Macalister River from Burgoynes Track
12-Snapper takes a break at  Mt Useful Creek
13-Playing on the hill at Mt Useful Creek
14-Riley walks on water at Mt Useful Creek
15-Adam enjoys the views of Licola with the kids from the helipad
16-Dave & Maddy at the helipad
17-Owen & Amelia at the helipad
18-Zebra leads the convoy down from the helipad
19-Driving along Toomstar track
20-Grub waits to descend the Toomstar Track
21-Grub & Tezza head down the Toomstar Track
22-JAT lowers tyres pressures after failing to climb Toomstar Track
23-JAT gets ready to be snatched up Toomstar Track
24-Convoy wakes up to the cool morning at Aberfeldy River
25-Convoy takes a break at O'Tooles Flat
26-JAT & Grub head up Flats Track
27-Grub climbs Flats Track with front & rear diffs locked
28-Grub makes it to the top of Flats Track
29-Convoy heads along Williamson Spur Track
30-Rhino drives up the Aberfeldy River
31-Snapper creates waves in the Aberfeldy River
32-Convoy farewells the Aberfeldy River

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