Up 2010-01-Victoria's Sensational North East Country Slideshow

Australia Day long Weekend 2010

6 vehicles joined Laurie & Heidi to experience the beauty of the Errinundra Plateau & the thrills 4WDing to the summit of Mt Tingaringy.

After crossing the famous McKillops Bridge over the Snowy River, our final encounter gave us some sensational views as we climbed up
onto Macfarlane Flat before exiting out at Native Dog Flat.

01-Ian shows us how it is just a short climb to the top of the Mt Buck Fire Tower
02-Graeme Wilson (TLCC Vic Mbr No.1) tells Kevin about the life in a Fire Tower
03-Aerial view of the convoy at Mt Buck
04-Ian shows us how easy it is to climb the Fire Tower
05-Rachel worships the great god Iceman - or is that George checking the oil leak from his diff!
06-About turn! No way through at Mt Ellery - Kevin checks out the huge fallen tree
07-Duncan & Ian talk about the great views at Ocean Views while the rest take in the views over lunch
08-Heidi makes light work of chopping the fire wood on the Delegate River
09-Zoe, Ian & Jeremy try to catch Sarah out at the Delegate River
10-Frosty crosses the Bonang River on their way to Mt Tingaringy
11-Rachel enjoys the steep climb up the Tingaringy Track
12-Gerry Gee makes light work of Tingaringy Track
13-Iceman shows us how easy it is to climb Mt Tingaringy Track
14-Morning Tea on Tingaringy Track
15-Heidi & Rachel take in the views at Mt Tingaringy
16-Kevin points out Mt Kosciuszko from Mt Tingaringy
17-Moons spins some wheels as they climb the Laurie track
18-Convoy stops to collect some firewood in the dry Tingaringy Creek
19-Convoy drives down the Amboyne track
20-Kevin & Ian give some support after Hoppy backs into a big hole at our Deddick River campsite
21- Hey Hoppy, that is a big hole!
22-Zebra snatches Hoppy to safer ground
23-Our Trip Leaders in action at our Deddick river campsite
24-Convoy crosses the Snowy River at McKillops Bridge
25-George, Sarah, Zoe, Rachel & Kevin enjoy the panoramic views at the Little River Gorge
26-Ziggy enjoys the drive down the Ingeegoodbee Track
27-The kids concentrate while playing 'Cheat' at our Suggan Buggan River campsite
28-Frosty spins some wheels on the Cobberas Trail
29-Gerry Gee creates a dust storm on the Cobberas Trail
30-Helen shows us how easy it is to drive up a steep climb on the Cobberas Trail
31-Plenty of lift makes an easy ride for Moons
32-George & Rachel show how easy it is to climb the Cobberas Trail
33-Ziggy starts the climb up the Cobberas Trail
34-Plenty of photographers as Frosty creates dust on the Cobberas Trail
35-Gerry Gee negotiates the rocky Cobberas Trail
36-Hoppy shows us the value of diff locks while climbing the Cobberas Trail on Australia Day

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