Victoria/South Australian

Border Track


April 2009

Laurie checks out the 'Disputed Country'
while the other watch on

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Easter in April allowed us to head back to revisit the Wyperfeld sand dunes. With the Border Track reopening each year on 1 April, our convoy was ready to experience the great sandy conditions.

This year our journey started in Ouyen. After a drive through some sandy tracks in the southern part of the Murray-Sunset NP, we then headed south into the Big Desert State Forest.

Soon, we were heading into the 'Disputed Country'. This is a parcel of land between the actual border and the 141o longitude (where the original border was supposed to be).

With the border track opening the previous week, our convoy enjoyed the dunes on the border track. After an overnight stay at Red Bluff Flora & Fauna Reserve, it was time to leave the border and wind our way across the sandy Wyperfeld NP. After a climb of the famous Milmed Rock, we exited the NP just north of Rainbow.

Of course, a drive across the dry lake bed of Lake Albacutya was a thrill before heading home.