Avon River Adventure


With cloudy but warm weather expected our convoy of 8 vehicles headed east of Melbourne to meet up on the edge of the Avon River at Huggetts Lane.

Saturday took our convoy north along Ben Cruachan Track. This track crosses the Avon River & Ben Cruachan Creek about 15 times. So much fun was had with an abundance of water crossings.

Old historic high country huts are always fun to visit. On this trip we checked out the famous Golden Point Hut. Although in need of some restoration, it still gave us an insite into the area's history.

With camp being set up on the edge of the Avon Wilderness, most of the convoy took a well earned dip in the warm waters of the Avon River.

Sunday took us west towards Ben Cruachan. This mountain rises steeply from the surrounding terrain. Many scenic pictures were taken before heading further west to more great views from McMillans lookout.

It wouldn't be a 4WD trip without some issues. Rhino managed to bog his 4WD in the Ben Cruachan Creek. Big John came to his rescue with a very safe winch recovery.

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