Victorian/South Australian

Border Track


Set in the North-west corner of the state are the desert areas of Victoria.

Our journey over this long weekend, started out in the small country town of Rainbow. Wild electrical storms greeted us on the Friday night. Luckily they cleared next morning. Our journey commenced around the dry lake bed of Albacutya, which is at the southern end of the Wyperfeld National Park.

With muddy sections interspersed with sand dunes, our journey headed north west across Wyperfeld, enetually crossing through the Big Desert State Forest.

With the one way section of the border track closed, our convoy crossed into South Australia and headed south along the sandy Centre Track, after a quick stop at Pine Hut Soak camping area.

After rejoining the border track at the bottom on the one way section, we ventured down the fenced border, exploring some interesting sand dunes on route.

The final section gave us some fun in very muddy conditions. After a great weekend with fantastic weather conditions, we crossed back into Victoria, only to see the heavens open up as we made the 5 hours trip back to a cold wet Melbourne.


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