Snowy River Ramble


The Snowy starts its course up at the base of Australia's highest mountain, Mt Kosciusko in southern NSW. It winds south through Victoria, reaching the coast at the tiny village of Marlo.

Our Trip started just east of the Snowy near Orbost, in the lovely rural town on Buchan. Our first stop was a private tour of the historic Buchan caves.

We soon headed down to the Snowy River and crossed it at Jacksons Crossing.

Following the Snowy, our journey took us north through the rain forest areas of Warratah Flats.

To recross the Snowy, we checked out the famous McKillops Bridge at 190 metres above sea level.

After leaving the Snowy behind us, we followed the Vic/NSW border up to the head waters of the Murray River, before finishing our weekend by passing through the famous Hells Gate near Swifts Creek.

Enjoy our pics, as we did enjoy the 4WD experience of the Snowy River in our Victorian High Country & its wlldlife.


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