Germany - Bavaria

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01-Outline of Ulm & Ulmer Munster

02-Heidi takes in the Donau (Blue Danube)

03-Laurie enjoys lunch with the family in German Beer Garden

04-Views from our hotel at Ohlstadt

05-Views of Walchensee from Heimgarten

06-Beautiful Walchensee

07-More views of Walchensee

08-Werner (Heidi's cousin's husband) & Heidi's mother Elsa on Heimgarten

09-Laurie overlooking Walchensee

10-Heidi's Aunt & Uncle at Klosterkirche

11-Traditional German dress

12-Picturesque Oberammergau

13-Oberammergau in flower

14-Laurie (with MEP & Snowy), Suzanne & Hubert at Neuschwanstein


16-Heidi at Neuschwanstein

17-Views at Staffelsee

18-Ulmer Rathaus in front of Ulmer Munster

19-Laurie & Heidi climb up Ulmer Munster tower

20-Almost at the top of Ulmer Munster

21-Views of the Danube from the top of Ulmer Munster

22-Ulmer Munster from the ground up

23-The spring where the Danube starts at Donaueschingen

24-Heidi checks out the start of the Danube-some 2,840 kms from the sea

25-Heidi at a bronze fountain in Donaueshingen

26-Church in Swiefalten

27-Views of a Muehlebach (millstream) near Swiefalten

28-Panoramic views from Heimgarten, looking over Kochelsee & Walchensee