Up 2009-10-MTBing the National Bicentennial Trail in Northern NSW Slideshow

MTBing in Northern NSW & Southern QLD

01-Camping on the Boonoo Boonoo River at the start of our trip
02-Heidi starts her MTB ride in Boonoo Boonoo NP
03-Heidi takes a break on the Bicentennial National Trail
04-Heidi enjoys the area along the Qld-NSW border
05-Heidi takes a rest at Macleods Hut, NE of Tenterfield
06-Its hard work climbing the steep Darcy's Hill
07-Some good MTBing in the Gibraltar Range NP
08-The locals help Heidi with lunch near Mulligans Hut
09-The locals keep an eye on Mulligans Hut
10-Great views across the Boyd River on the Old Glen Innes Road
11-Some more local wildlife greets us
12-Great views across Guy Fawkes NP
13-Laurie takes in the vista of Guy Fawkes at Misty Creek lookout
14-This dangerous wildlife didnt make it
15-Laurie checks out the waterfalls at Ebor
16-Laurie watches the spectacular twin falls at Ebor
17-Its raining, so Heidi checks out what to do in the Oxley Wild Rivers NP
18-Heidi walks through the Dog Fence to view the Wollomombi Falls
19-The rain didnt stop Laurie walking to the Wollomombi Falls
20-Views of the Chandler River in the Oxley Wild Rivers NP
21-Heidi goes MTBing in the Sundown NP in southern Qld
22-Heidi gives way to a friendly kangaroo in Sundown NP
23-Heidi relaxes at Burrows Waterhole in Sundown NP
24-Heidi climbs a steep incline in Sundown NP
25-Heidi cooks some scrumptious hamburgers in Boonoo Boonoo NP
26-Heidi reads up on the history of the Boonoo Boonoo River
27-History of the Boonoo Boonoo River
28-Laurie tracks our position with SPOT on top of Bald Rock
29-Laurie has some fun with the big boulders on top of Bald Rock
30-Laurie takes time out on the walking track to Bald Rock
31-More interesting rocks in Bald Rock NP
32-At the end of our trip, Heidi & John (her brother) enjoy flying in Warwick - Pity about the crash landing

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