TLC - Avon River Adventure

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01 of 32-Rhino heads for Golden Point Hut as he crosses Ben Cruachan Creek

02 of 32-Koala & Big John head for Golden Point Hut

03 of 32-Arriving at Golden Point Hut

04 of 32-Koala arrives at Golden Point Hut

05 of 32-Johan Laurie Y & Eric check out Golden Point Hut

06 of 32-Inside Golden Point Hut

07 of 32-Gaby takes some German Apple Strudel to our Trip Leaders

08 of 32-Laurie & Heidi enjoy Gaby's German cooking

09 of 32-Moredust takesin the view from Avon Track

10 of 32-Tassie takes on the Avon Track

11 of 32-Koala follows Big John across Ben Cruachan Creek

12 of 32-Flora in the Avon Wilderness

13 of 32-Tassie crosses Ben Cruachan Creek

14 of 32-Troopies in convoy on the Avon River

15 of 32-Johan & Laurie test the depth of Ben Cruachan Creek

16 of 32-Tassie cools the diffs in the Ben Cruachan Creek

17 of 32-Caterpillar follows Allwell down to McColl Creek

18 of 32-Picturesque Avon Wilderness

19 of 32-Heidi & Laurie cool off in the Avon Wilderness

20 of 32-Taking in the views from Ben Cruachan

21 of 32-Ryan & Laurie in discussion while Laurie Y, Joe, Ray, Joan & John watch on

22 of 32-The crew at Ben Cruachan

23 of 32-Caterpillar cools his diffs at lunchtime on Ben Cruachan Creek

24 of 32-Joe checks on lunch cooking over a hot engine

25 of 32-All hands on deck for the Rhino recovery

26 of 32-Rhino being winch out of the Ben Cruachan Creek

27 of 32-Big John takes control of the Rhino recovery from Ben Cruachan Creek

28 of 32-Koala on Hickey Creek Track

29 of 32-Koala follows Moredust up Hickey Creek Track

30 of 32-Gaby enjoys Ozi scenery before returning to Germany

31 of 32-Gaby & Ryan take in the views at McMillans Lookout

32 of 32-Convoy at McMillans Lookout