Mighty Macalister

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01-Hoppy crawls down Burgoyne Track

02-Zebra crosses Macalister River

03-Zebra climbs Burgoyne Track

04-Cams enjoys the mud on Hickey Creek Track

05-Freddo wets his feet on Hickey Creek Track

06-Cactus descends Burgoyne Track

07-Hoppy wets his feet in the Macalister

08-Freddo makes waves in the Macalister

09-Freddo rock climbs up Burgoyne Track

10-Cams does a tyre on Stock Route Track

11-Rachael & Hugh take in the views at McMillans Lookout

12-Convoy watches Rhino climb up Hoppy Hill

13-Goldie creates dust climbing Hoppy Hill

14-Ryan passes firewood to Hugh & Rachael on Hoppy Hill

15-Smurf climbs Hoppy Hill

16-Smurf still climbing Hoppy Hill

17-Happy hour on the Macalister

18-High Country Wildflowers

19-Spare Wheel Blues - after bushman's repair!

20-Convoy on Helipad on Green Hills Track

21-Convoy descends Cobb Spur Track

22-Convoy creates dust on Cobb Spur Track

23-Convoy on Green Hills Helipad

24-Morning Tea at Serpentine Creek

25-Views of Licola from Cobb Spur Track

26-Rhino gets airborne climbing Hoppy Hill

27-Hoppy aka Duncan at McMillans Lookout

28-Cams climbs Hoppy Hill

29-Smurf descends Burgoyne Track

30-Cactus climbs Burgones

31-Rhino ridge rides Cobb Spur Track

32-Catriona enjoys the views from McMillansLlookout