Victorian/South Australian Border Track

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01-Convoy in Wyperfeld NP

02-Nudgee in Wyperfeld NP

03-Burra - bogged at lunch time at Round Swamp

04-Nudgee raring to go on the Wyperfeld sands

05-Zebra blows a fuse

06-Moredust struggles to rise up the sand dune!

07-Big John makes it up the dune

08-Ozi fails the dune test!

09-Morning Tea at Pine Hut Soak

10- Maxine takes Big John over the dune

11-Rhino tackles the Milmed Rock Track

12-Convoy at Milmed Rock in Wyperfeld

13-Greg & Maxine check out the Visitors Book at Milmed Rock

14-Wilco meanders through the Big Desert

15-Heidi warms up for Happy Hour after a 4WD day

16-Border Track diversion

17-Convoy on Centre Track in Sth Aust

18-Zebra tackles the muddy Border Track

19-Rob, Ryan, Laurie & Greg expecting a cold night

20-Burra swims along the Border Track

21-Moredust on the Border Track

22-Camp Flre at Blue Gums in Big Desert

23-End of the Trip - Airing Up

24-Heading home - Sunset over Mt Zero