Snowy River Ramble

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01-Private tour of Buchan Caves

02-Inside Buchan (Fairy) Caves

03-Convoy at Buchan Caves

04-Sweet Chariot crossing the Snowy River

05- Toddy in the Snowy

06-Hoppy exiting the Snowy

07-Big John's Troopy tackles the Snowy

08-Convoy at Jackons Crossing (on the Snowy)

09-Zebra crosses the Snowy River

10-History of the Bridge

11-Convoy on famous Bridge over the Snowy

12-Convoy crosses the Snowy

13-Big John takes in the views from the Bridge

14-Convoy at the lookout at Little River Gorge

15-Little River Gorge

16-Happy hour near Mt Cobberas at 1335 metres

17-Happy hour service from Duncan to Rhonda

18-Happy Hour around the camp fire

19-Panoramic views from Native Cat Flat

20-Convoy at Hells Hate Hole

21-The kids take on the Native Cat Flat cairn

22-Jessica explores Hells Hate Hole

23-Diana & Ben share a happy moment at Hells Hate Hole

24-Hoppy outside Moscow Villa at 1,200 metres

25-Moscow Villa with newly polished floor boards

26-Troopy corner at Moscow Villa

27-Camp on the Deddick River

28-Convoy checking out a track obstacle

29-Milly & Duncan watch Laurie at work at Warratah Flats

30-Wildlife at Warratah Flats

31-Toddy being recovered on the Rich Knob Track

32-Feral cat (or is it a Puma) at Warratah Flats